Employment Status Consultation launched – make your opinions heard

    Yesterday (7 February 2018), the government launched the long-awaited consultation on redefining the tests for employment, self-employment and worker status.

    See the consultation document along with the associated documents. We have produced a summary of the employment status consultation, available here.

    This document is the start of the a major change in policy on how employment status is tested and who will qualify for employment rights as an employee or a worker. By default changing the tests will have an impact on the tax and NIC bills faced by many engagers of self-employed labour as it will change who will be able to continue provide their services under self-employed terms.

    If you are involved in, or advise individuals who operate in, any industry where self-employment is common you need to be aware of the consultation.

    It is a lengthy document giving rise to 64 individual questions the answers to which will help shape the government’s approach to employment status for the future.  This is our chance to make our voices heard on a vital issue to many of our clients and we strongly recommend that you take the time to read it and to participate in the consultation process.

    Accountax will be issuing a more detail alert on the consultation in a few days once we have had time to consider the full implications of the consultation and its terms of reference.

    The consultation period closes at 11.45pm on 1 June 2018.

    If you have any concerns about how this will affect you or your clients' businesses, please contact us on 03450 660035 or by email.