NIC protection for your business

The well documented changes to Section 44 ITEPA 2003 have led many Temporary Labour Agencies to move away from the self-employed sector due to the uncertainty these changes have caused.

Agency Protect has been developed for Temporary Labour Agencies, who engage contractors with self-employed subcontractors, who are not subject to these changes.

Agency Protect can provide extra reassurance in these cases where the new rules do not apply but where parties to the contract remain concerned with regard to their potential tax and NI exposure.

In the event of a successful challenge by HMRC, Agency Protect can provide reimbursement of the agreed levels of tax and National Insurance and also the legal expenses required to fight the case on your behalf.

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We provide a flexible approach to our clients’ requirements which means that we can offer an entirely bespoke policy to suit your specific business needs. For further information please contact a member of our team today on 03450 660 035 or via email at