The complete protection package for the construction industry

HMRC are becoming increasingly vigilant. Now is the time to be proactive to ensure that your tax affairs are in
order to avoid getting stung. As a contractor you are expected to be fully compliant with the intricacies of status legislation, and mistakes can be damaging for your business.

Accountax is one of the UK’s leading experts on status issues, and through our experience, we have developed a ground breaking service, CIS Force, which is tailored to protect you from the minefield of HMRC legislation.

CIS Force is a retainer service which combines a number of our individual services into one comprehensive package to give you complete peace of mind.

We offer two packages (scaffold or bricks and mortar) allowing you to choose the level of protection your company requires.

View the leaflet for more information.

CIS Force is tailored to the number of subcontractors you engage; for more details or a bespoke quote please contact a member of our team today on 03450 660 035 or via email at