Supreme protection for umbrella companies

The highly publicised amendments to the expenses legislation has caused many umbrella companies and agencies to step away from the umbrella industry due to the uncertainties of the potential liabilities they could face.

Umbrella Protect has been developed to provide security to umbrella companies, and their clients, where they employ individuals who are not subject to these changes.

Accountax has actively advised and defended umbrella companies for many years, and have fought alongside umbrella companies to increase compliance among the industry. These changes to the legislation may mean a number of individuals may no longer be suitable to operate via an umbrella company, however it certainly doesn’t mean the umbrella industry has now come to a close as many individuals will not fall within the remit of this legislation.

In response to the concerns of our umbrella and agency clients Accountax has developed an insurance policy, Umbrella Protect, in conjunction with Abbey Tax, to run alongside our suite of insurance offerings. Umbrella Protect will insure the umbrella company against liability to Tax and NI of reclassification of expenses as employment income.

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