Our Compliance Review Service provides you with a clear picture as to how your company sits in respect of self-employed status and S44 ITEPA (2003). We will provide you with a detailed review explaining what the law says, where you sit in respect of the law and provide recommendations to strengthen your position.

We will review the current operating structure of your business to check for any weaknesses. We will look at all the types of sub-contractors you engage, the type of services you provide and the types of client who receive your services. This will enable us to look at the whole contractual arrangement that HMRC would likely have interest in.
A very important part of the audit will be to review all the contracts in the contractual chain and make sure they reflect the reality of the engagements they are provided for. These include the contracts for your sub-contractors and to your clients. Both documents need to be consistent with each other in order that no terms in the upper contract (client) endanger the status conferred by the lower contract (sub-contractor).

We also need to examine your invoices and payslips/remittance advice slips, registration documents and marketing literature. A review of all payment records provided to sub-contractors and clients, registration forms and marketing literature to ensure all company information presents the correct contractual position and doesn’t give rise to any potential status or s44 issues.

This service is tailored to each client's needs. We can include a meeting within the review or undertake the service remotely. We can also include a review of CIS compliance if your company operates within the construction industry.  

If you would like to book a review or to find out more information about our Compliance Review Service please contact 03450 660 035 or via email mail@accountaxconsulting.com.