Accountax Consulting have been advising the construction industry for over a decade. We have successfully defended construction industry contractors against HMRC attack time and time again, including Cormack (HMIT) v CBL Cable Contractors Ltd [2005] EWHC 1294, before the High Court and literally re-wrote the rule book on entitlement to gross payment status.
We offer a range of services and products specifically designed to protect contractors operating in the construction industry from HMRC challenges.
  • CIS Force
  • Gross Payment Status
  • Penalties
  • Consultancy

CIS Force

CIS Force is a bespoke retainer package designed by Accountax Consulting for construction companies and those that engage self employed subcontractors. Never before has the construction industry faced as much red tape and HMRC compliance activity. This retainer package has been brought together as the ultimate protection package for construction industry clients as a solution to the headaches of tax and employment compliance.
Our CIS Force retainer offers twofold protection; firstly, we provide you with all the services you need to navigate the pitfalls the HMRC targets. Secondly, if HMRC does happen to target you, you can rest assured that Accountax Consulting will be fighting your corner.
We currently offer two different packages under the retainer (Scaffold and Bricks & Mortar) so you can decide which level of cover is most suitable for you depending on the size of your company.
Our packages can include:
  • Initial Status meeting
  • HMRC Status Enquiry Protection
  • CIS Penalty and Gross Payment Protector
  • Contract for Services
  • Online Status Monitor
  • Day to day telephone advice
  • General employment law retainer
  • Annual Health Check
  • Email Bulletin
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Two Seminar places
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To discuss our CIS Force packages and which package is suitable for you, please call 03450 660 035 or email

Gross Payment Status

Increasing numbers of businesses are losing their gross payment status Poundsdue to technicalities. Losing gross payment status not only damages your cash flow but also your credibility with your clients.
Under the strict CIS scheme, HMRC is reviewing everybody's status and payment history. Many have been caught out already and HMRC's own statistics show 40% are failing the test.
If you have lost your gross payment status, Accountax Consulting can help. We have helped hundreds of contractors to keep their gross payment status after the Revenue has tried to take it away.
In fact, we are so confident of success we will consider taking your case on a 'no win, no fee' basis. Even if you have had payment issues or sent in late returns, we may be able to help. Simply call us for a free telephone consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


HMRC are currently seeking to impose draconian penalties for failing to operate the CIS scheme correctly wherever they have the opportunity. These penalties threaten to put some construction companies out of business. Tens of thousands of pounds are being levied in penalties for simply failing to operate the scheme correctly even in situations where there has been no loss of tax for HMRC.
Many receive the penalty notice and simply roll over thinking that there is nothing they can do. This is not the case. At Accountax Consulting we can provide you with advice and representation if you receive penalty notices for failing to operate the CIS scheme correctly. It is not an open and shut case like HMRC would have you believe and we have successfully represented numerous clients who have received penalty notices.
Our services are available on a fixed fee basis or as part our CIS Force retainer service.


Accountax Consulting have handled thousands of employment status disputes and tax enquiries, with a near perfect record of success. The vast majority of cases we have handled are simply dropped at any early stage by HMRC based on our representation. Very few cases proceed to the tax Tribunal, but if they do, it is important to have the right advocate by your side. We do not appoint an anonymous barrister to represent on our behalf at Tribunal - your advocate will have been involved in your dispute from day one and will know your case inside out.
You can engage us for meetings at your convenience and at your premises
We can draft your contracts and provide advice on implementation
You can rely on us to provide robust representation if you face an HMRC investigation
We can give you advice on any aspect of tax, CIS and HMRC enquiries.

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