Accountax Consulting are the country's leading experts in IR35 and status issues with over 13 year’s experience successfully defending IR35 disputes. With this experience, we have developed a bespoke range of consultancy services and products designed to best protect your position when it comes to IR35.
  • IR35 Contract Review
  • IR35 Contract
  • HMRC Enquiries
  • Tribunal Representation
  • IR35 Safeguard
  • IR35 Guarantee

IR35 Contract Review   

We will review your contract to determine whether or not you are operating outside of IR35 with a definitive 'pass' or 'fail' option. We provide a detailed written report covering all of the key areas and highlighting strengths and/or weaknesses of your contract.  Where necessary, we can suggest amendments to strengthen the contract should it fall within IR35. Discounted rate available for IPSE members.
Simply email or post your contract to us and we will contact you to confirm receipt and arrange for payment.

IR35 Contract

We can draft a contract for you which will fall outside of IR35 based on your working arrangements. Our consultants will discuss your current/proposed working arrangements with you to ensure that the contract is drafted to your requirements and is tailored to your business.
Ensuring your contract is adequately drafted is vital and can make all the difference. Many consultancies claim to offer an IR35 ‘watertight’ contract without providing any tangible evidence of their track record. Accountax Consulting do not need to make such spurious claims - our name is on the judgements.
Our contracts are tailored using our experience of having defended clients from HMRC attack, up to and including, representation at the tax Tribunals. You can be assured that your contract is being drafted by a specialist team who are prepared to ‘back up’ their drafting in the Tribunals.

HMRC Enquiries

Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in the midst of an IR35 dispute with HMRC, we can advise on tactics and technical arguments to defend your position. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can represent you and correspond directly with HMRC on your behalf. Accountax Consulting have a unrivalled track record of success in this area with many IR35 disputes being conceded by HMRC.
Disputes are handled on a fixed fee basis so you know where you stand on costs from the outset - no hidden costs or surprises. We can also review your case for a one-off fixed fee prior to you engaging us. If we are unable to resolve the dispute through technical correspondence we will represent you before the tax Tribunal.

Tribunal Representation

The majority of IR35 cases are conceded by HMRC without the need for a Tribunal hearing; but inevitably some do. Accountax Consulting are the only chartered tax advisers to have successfully represented taxpayers in IR35 disputes at the Special Commissioners (as it was back then). Our reputation is second to none and our expertise ensures that we can provide you with the best possible representation when it comes to IR35.
Your case will be taken by Accountax Consulting; we do not pass your file on to a third party or appoint a last minute representative. It will be handled by consultants who will have been involved in your case from the start. This way, the representatives standing with you in the Tribunal are those who have the most in-depth knowledge of your case.
Our fees are fixed so you know the costs from the outset. Fees are flexible and we can, depending on the circumstances of the case, offer a no win, no fee option for clients.

IR35 Safeguard

Worried about how you would cope if HMRC commenced an IR35 enquiry into your company? Don't want to worry about defending your case and how you will pay for professional fees?
Our IR35 Safeguard will cover you against the cost of our professional fees in the event of an IR35 enquiry. It will cover our fees for arguing the case including representation at the Tax Tribunal. We offer the IR35 Safeguard on contracts either drafted by us (and implemented by yourselves) or reviewed by us and 'passed.'
This cover is available for a fixed annual sum which gives you a full 12 months' protection should HMRC commence an IR35 enquiry at any time within this protection period.

IR35 Guarantee

The IR35 Guarantee incorporates the IR35 Safeguard but takes it a stage further; not only are you covered against the cost of our professional fees but we will also cover the cost of the liability should we be unsuccessful in defending your case. This includes the cost of any tax, national insurance, interest and penalties.
The IR35 Guarantee is available for contracts either drafted by us or reviewed by us and approved as being outside of IR35. The cost of the IR35 Guarantee is based on turnover and duration of the contract. If you require a quote, simply email over your contract and we will get in touch.

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