Do you want to ensure your subcontractors are genuinely self-employed? We can ensure that you are fully protected from an HMRC employment status challenge.
With plans to intensify compliance visits, increases in HMRC powers and a dramatic uplift in HMRC penalties, it is more important than ever to make sure that the subcontractors you engage are genuinely self-employed. Our consultants will take you through the simple process of understanding what makes someone genuinely self-employed and ensuring that they remain that way.
If you are facing a dispute with HMRC, we have expertise at Accountax Consulting to fight your corner. Our record of success in the tax Tribunals and against HMRC speaks for itself.
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  • Tribunal Representation
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Self Employed Contracts

We can draft a contract for you to engage your subcontractors, which is tailored to the business and reflects a genuine self-employed working arrangement. Our subcontractor contracts have been instrumental in defeating numerous employment status enquiries and remains 100% undefeated against HMRC disputes. To further protect your position, we have updated our contract to provide protection against HMRC and Employment Tribunal claims for holiday pay.
Many purported self-employed contracts are strong from a commercial perspective but weak when challenged by HMRC. Our contracts have been tried and tested in the Tribunals.
Our contract is simple, easy to follow and easy to administer with straight to the point terms. We also supply covering letters, explanatory leaflets and a best practice guide to implementing the contract to ensure that you are in the best possible position should HMRC attack.

HMRC Enquiries

Should you find yourself in a employment status enquiry, we are well equipped to advise you on tactics and arguments to defend your position. Alternatively, you can appoint us to represent on your behalf and enter into dispute with HMRC directly. Our reputation on employment status issues is second to none and our results speak for themselves. HMRC do not like coming up against Accountax Consulting and this is why we are the right people to represent you.
We operate on a fixed fee basis so you know where you stand on costs from the outset - no hidden costs or surprises further down the line. We can also review your case for a one-off fixed fee before you decide whether to engage us or not.

Tribunal Representation

Most employment status cases that we handle are conceded by HMRC without the need for a Tribunal hearing. However, there are cases which do go the full distance. Accountax Consulting have a proven track record at the Tribunal with successful victories in Sherburn Aero Club v HMRC [2009] UKFTT 0006 and MAL Scaffolding v HMRC [2006] SpC527.
If you engage us, you can be assured that we represent clients ourselves at Tribunal. We do not appoint a barrister with limited working knowledge of your case - your case is represented by the consultants who have worked on your case and defended your position from the outset. We do not provide bullish advice and then run a country mile when things get adversarial - we will see it through to the end with you.
Our fees for Tribunal representation are fixed so you know the costs from the outset. Fees are flexible and we can, depending on the circumstances of the case, offer a no win, no fee option for clients.