Accountax Consulting have been advising umbrella companies for several years both prior to and following the introduction of the Managed Services Companies legislation (MSC). We have a specialist team dedicated to this area and offer a range of advice from how to set up an umbrella company to defending against HMRC and employee challenges.
The Government has made no secret of its desire to target umbrella companies and penalise them for any compliance failings. Based on the large number of employees that work through an umbrella company this means that the smallest compliance failing would quickly amount to a vast sum of money - even without the penalties and interest HMRC would add on top!
The potential compliance failings associated with an umbrella company will prove very lucrative for HMRC and they will not leave any stone unturned when they enquire into your company.
Accountax Consulting can provide you with all necessary advice to ensure your company stands up under scrutiny.
Our services include:
  • Umbrella Full Review
  • Umbrella Contract Reviews
  • Retainer/Fee Protection services

Umbrella Full Review

We will spend up to two days at your premises reviewing your internal procedures, marketing literature, expenses policy, contracts and additional documentation. Upon completion of the review, we will prepare a detailed report of all areas affecting your company and where there is scope for attack along with detailed advice on how to correct or tighten up procedures going forward.
The full review can be can be carried out for a fixed fee agreed at the outset.

Umbrella Contract Reviews

We will review the upper contract you issue to your agencies or clients to ensure you are not operating as an agency under the agency legislation. We will provide you with a written report detailing any strengths and weaknesses against an HMRC attack and advise on changes to strengthen the contract where necessary. We can also review the employment contract you issue to employees and provide you with a report on strengths and weaknesses from both a tax and employment law perspective.

Retainer / Fee Protection services

For complete protection, we offer clients a retainer service whereby they can call us with any issues as and when they arise. This may include reviewing contracts to processing problems and employee issues. We can also include Fee Protection within the retainer so that we are able to defend any HMRC or employment challenges as they arise.

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